Don’t be left short with limited switching options

Unlimited control

With its practically unlimited control the switches can be configured to preform almost any task. Turn on lights, start sequences or change the operation of the building or even run a report.


Connect the zc-switch to any standard volt free push-button, matching the lighting control panels to the buildings decor.

Scene set switch plates

Use zencontrols DALI wall plates for any control action including boardroom control and scene selection

Illuminated push-buttons

Use zencontrols illuminated push-buttons in common wall plates for a tactile feel and illuminated feedback

Scene sets

Configure scene recalls from any switch to automatically configure room lighting to set the desired mood or purpose. zencontrol scenes can include dimming of lights for projector screens, DALI fan and blinds along with integration to HVAC and other building services.

Partition Control

Use the zc-switch as a logical input allowing rooms to operate differently depending on their configuration (supporting up to 5 logical inputs per room)

Configurable Panels

Configure your switch panel the way you want it, with different plate colours and button configurations.

Customisable labels

Customise button labels to suit the application, just one of the ways zencontrol makes lighting control easier. Use any of the three sizes of buttons to customise your label onto.

Rotary Control

Use the zc-switch with a rotary encoder to provide users familiar functionality and experiences

Multiple Profiles

zencontrol supports multiple profiles, which allows the functionality of switches to change during different periods of the day (daytime, afterhours, Generator, Emergency, security walkthrough, Cleaners). This ability gives greater flexibility, comfort and control.