Zencontrol has a range of sensors and adaptors covering any needs a project might have. The smart design is allowing the use of the zencontrol sensors in combination with any other DALI-2 sensors and products on one DALI-2 bus

Smart Control

With practically unlimited control, sensors can be configured to perform almost any task. Absence and presence modes are easily selectable, with fully configurable timeouts, actions and modes.



Smart sensors which connect to the DALI line directly, offering PIR, lux and colour


Use zencontrol’s mains converter to connect mains rated sensors to DALI

Built-in sensors

Connect a mains-rated sensor to any zencontrol smart driver to enable a full DALI sensor

Feature packed


zencontrol standard sensors are powered directly from the DALI bus and have inbuilt PIR, lux and colour sensors. With zencontrol technology; lux, movement and colour (including CRI) can be logged back to the Cloud to be analysed.


Any mains rated sensor can be easily connected to the DALI line with a zencontrol mains converter.
When connected, the sensor will operate as a fully compliant DALI-2 motion sensor. This flexibility makes it easy to bring in specialised sensors, such as high mounting sensors used in warehouses, long-range sensors or even dual technology sensors.


 zencontrol smart drivers and some Ektor emergency products have the added support for mains rated sensors. When a mains-rated sensor is connected to one of these devices, the product is automatically added to the DALI line as a fully compliant DALI-2 sensor, which can be used by the system.


Adding a sensor to a building is simple and easy as it only requires wiring to the closest product containing a zencontrol smart driver or Ektor emergency product.

Partition control

 When used with partition control the sensors can automatically change targets and actions.

Multiple profiles

 zencontrol supports multiple profiles, which allows the functionality of sensors to change during different periods of the day (e.g. daytime, afterhours, generator, emergency, security walkthrough, cleaners). This ability gives greater flexibility, comfort and control.