Plan View

Visualize and interact with your building in a new way


Zencontrol Plan View enables facility managers, maintenance engineers and planners to keep their buildings under control and act quickly based on a efficient visualisation of their setup

Quickly and easily identify faults and their locations

Remote commission and managing directly from the plan incl. groups, scenes and more

Works on PC, Mac and Android or Apple tablets

Improve savings with lux level and use-case mapping

Use floorplans to edit your buildings devices

Enable various users to interact with the building simultaneously profile based

Monitor how your site is used with occupancy data

Manage the power usage with per-fitting power metering

Free Plan View

Plan view is free and comes with your standard Cloud subscription, simply login to your Cloud account and head to your Plan view page to use it today.

With the free Plan view you can:

  • View your building based on your floor plans
  • View devices at the precise location in the building, including IDs, groups and status
  • Control device functions: arc level, max, min and more

Simple Upgrades

Upgrades can be added at any time, without the need for re-commissioning or additional hardware.

Add-on’s can be purchased to increases the functionally. Some available add-on’s are:

  • Power
  • Heatmaps
  • Faults and issues

Fast, remote commissioning

Wherever you are in the world, get your project quickly commissioned by drag n’ drop placing devices on your plan. Enjoy features like:

  • Draw regions to define rooms/groups
  • Replace plans as they change
  • Fine tune map placement
  • Single click to place, snap to grid
  • Device type search
  • Alignment & selection tools

Define your Fittings

Define your fitting types including manufacturers, description or codes to each fitting for easier maintenance and reporting. Assign unique icons to each fitting type to allow easy recognition when viewing the plan.


Faults and issues

Get informed on the state of your devices at any time. Issues are colour coded and can be highlighted to identify quickly the most critical issues on the plan for rectification.

The Cloud gathers data from every device in the building (like sensors, switches, lighting, emergency devices and controllers) in real time.

Powerful Visualization

the efficient visualization can handle millions of power datapoints. This includes power consumption data from any DALI-2 driver, switch and sensor, which is getting processed in the Cloud.

This detailed dataset allows facility managers and building owners to understand / correct their building usage ans is providing valuable information for owners to mak their building green.

Use power datapoints to reduce power consumption

Identify high power consumption areas to save electricity faster by efficient control strategies and track the performance of changes per fitting, room, floor or departments. See the benefit of Task Tuning or Daylight Harvesting.

Works with Tridonic PRE-devices, zencontrol drivers and DALI Device Type 50 without additional commissioning. Older DALI devices are supported through interpolation

Heat Mapping

Quickly and easily identify faults, power usage and high/low occupancy with heatmaps.

Lux level

Identify areas which can be fine-tuned to provide greater savings with lux level and use-case mapping.


An occupancy heatmap overlay provides an easy way to understand the most utilised areas and the flow of people throughout the day. A user can select and compare different time periods to understand periods of the day which may need to be addressed. Use occupancy heatmaps to prioritise maintenance or redesign offices for maximum ROI.


Viewing a power heatmap over Plan view allows users to see where the power is being consumed and take appropriate steps in reducing the power usage.