Smart City Lighting

Connected and data-driven lighting systems actively interact with the smart city systems to manage and optimize the infrastructure and the traffic flow dynamically, based on real-time data collected by intelligent sensors

What is Smart Street Lighting?

Connected and data-driven lighting systems actively interact with the smart city backbone to manage and optimize the infrastructure and traffic flow dynamically, based on real-time data collected by intelligent sensors. Common requirements, addressed by our Smart Street Lighting Solutions are:

  • Demand and schedule driven Light
  • Central / decentral control, save operation at any time
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Use of the infrastructure for Smart City needs and purposes
  • Maintenance optimization (preventive maintenance,  maintain where and when required)

Smart Lighting Journey

The requirements to the Lighting Control system might vary, dependent from the location, intensity/frequency of usage, etc. At Zoomlux, we differentiate the following steps

A static Light Control System, allowing instant energy savings based on simple time profile dimming

Light on Demand, controlled by decentralized motion and presence sensors and real-time monitoring

Managed Light, using various collected sensing information around the lighting point, enriched with extensive profiling

Solution Elements

What about if your Street Light would become a Data Hub for your Smart City and would even produce income?

What about decentralized, motion and event driven light management?

Ever dreamed of having your entire light grid under control, wherever you are and whenever you need it?

What about optimizing your infrastructure and use all data you have for better on-time decisions?

Smart Pole

The concept of Smart Poles is becoming increasingly popular in Smart City Infrastructures. A Smart Pole is a Infrastructure eleemnt, enriching the data collection and improving the communication / interaction with humans.

Zoomlux is providing Smart Poles, meeting the functional, climate and design requirements of our markets.

The Smart Poles are highly customizable, and based on standardized modules for lighting, surveillance (Climate / CCTV / Motion), interaction (PWLAN hotspot / speaker / intercom) and charging (USB / 230V / EV).



What we can do for you

Consulting and Solution Design

We’re supporting Government Agencies, Street Planners and Owners in the requirements specification for upcoming project, including the design of special solutions of your infrastructure. Our consultants and specialists are here for you and provide vendor-neutral consultancy, including the economic & technical assessment of potential solutions.

  • Vendor neutral consultancy services and workshops (what is possible?)
  • Requirements Specification
  • Sensor conception and Mesh Design
  • Design of the entire solution (Light management / Lighting Solution / Smart City Integration/ etc)
  • Economic and technical assessment

Solution Build, Programming and Commissioning

Whether it is a new project or a refurbishment project: Zoomlux is managing, realizing and commissioning it in line with your operational demands and can support you ensuring the operation . We’re involving our network of experienced partners
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the luminaires, sensors and controls
  • Programming of the Mesh and integration in the central control system
  • System Documentation
  • System testing, training of the involved specialists

Maintenance and Operation

Zoomlux is providing the entire M&O process, including dispatching services, SLA based onsite services, preventive maintenance and logistics/spare parts handling
  • Service Level based maintenance
  • Inventory & spare parts management
  • Preventive Maintenance (SLA defined)
  • M&O reporting
  • Demand based optimization of the Installation
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