Light Control – Bringing your Light Project to Life

Zoomlux is designing and building Smart Building Solutions, supporting you in providing the services required to meet the changing needs of your clients. We strive to reduce barriers and complexity in the provided solutions by using intelligent and state-of-the-art technology, combined with smart engineering.

Smart Lighting Solution

Design, Build, Integrate and Operate Smart Lighting Control Solutions based on Dali-2 standards. Zencontrol Cloud provides great technological advantages like multi-site control, remote commissioning, dynamic installation and sophisticated user management.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is lighting devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and well-being. Zencontrol is providing a number of particular HCL functionalities “out of the box”

Zencontrol Analytics allows you in depth light control across the entire life cycle of the power usage mapping, lux level mapping, color shift tracking, light lifetime tracking or room occupancy usage mapping.  

Zencontrol allows easy integration and control of other systems and devices like security systems, non-Dali-2 fixed loads, blinds, HVAC’s, audio-visual systems, etc.

BACnet and Modbus integration modules, as well as the provided KNX connectivity is making Zencontrol the platform of choice for any control projects.


Zoomlux is a ZenControl Gold Partner, representing the company in the GCC region.


  • Light Solution Design in cooperation with the architect, based on the requirements specification
  • Evaluation of the required hardware and software
  • Provision and installation of the infrastructure
  • Programming and commissioning of the solution
  • System Safety Management
  • Training and lifecycle support (expansions, adoptions to new requirements, technology upgrades, etc.)
  • Smart Lighting Products

Swarm Lighting Solutions

Are you looking for innovative light control, which saves you money and is simple to setup, configure and operate?

Welcome to the innovative world of Swarm Light: swarm light is a self-aware, and self-organised light control concept, with a simple and efficient light control aiming to provide the users the light precisely where it is required. It can be integrated into existing infrastructures and is saving up to 60% of the energy cost.