Street Mesh

One important paradigm of todays networked world is decentralization. In contrast, most of the light control systems are centrally managed and controlled, making the systems vulnerable.

Zoomlux is implementing street light management systems, based on a decentralized mesh solution.

The Mesh Concept

The Street Light Mesh is a decentralized group of up to 250 Smart Street Lights, configured to provide a defined lighting profile, enriched with sensor data to the assigned area.

The behaviour of the mesh can either be configured and managed centrally in the cloud or on-site by using the eSave configurator.

Each Mesh is equipped with a Controller Gateway, linking the Mesh to the cloud.

Light Control Concepts in the Mesh


Event based

the light volume is managed based on the detected traffic volume in the proximity of the light.

It might be influenced by the daily rush hours, or by events triggering more traffic in the particular area.

On Demand

each luminaire is equipped with a motion sensor, registering the traffic on the street. If traffic is recognized, the light is getting adjusted according to the predefined levels and the information is shared through the mesh to allow a follow-me light.



Decentralized logic and operations are increasing the failure tolerance of the entire system and are ensuring, it is never dark


The combination of dynamically fulfilling decentral lighting needs with central control and reporting is a core strengths of the concept


The right light at the right spot and at the right time is preventing from unrequired light pollution, controlled by sensors


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