Optimizing the Smart City Infrastructure by consequently using and aggregating all available data is a important paradigm of the time. 

Your Zoomlux Smart Street Light infrastructure is a important data source for the Smart City and can reduce the need of additional expensive sensors and data hubs.

Get the most out of your data

Our platform is designed and build to get you the most ouf your data – where you need it and when you need it.

The software ensures over open interfaces the access to all data from sensors to actively safe CAPEX as well as OPEX by avoiding the duplication of data collecting infrastructures. The Smart Street Light is becoming a data hub, equiped with selcted sopisticaed sensor infrastructure to provide the precise information, required at the particular location.

Sensor Compatibility

Our growing range of sensors is divided in Motion Sensors and Environmental Sensors.

The consequent use of open standards (Zhaga / D4i / etc) is ensuring, that compatible sensors from other suppliers can be used without limitations. Compatible products are Legrand wattstopper FDP-301, Tridonic PSensor SSI31 and any D4i (EN 62386-303) compliant occupancy and motion sensors


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