Light- & Data Hub

The decentralized infrastructure in a city, village or even in a compound can today be much more than just a nice lighting point. It can be used multi-purposely to collect data, control and report events, generate revenue and last but not least – it might be a nice or decoartive light source. Welcome to the Internet of Light.

Smart Street Light

Intelligent Street Lighting is defining street lighting, that adapts to the activite is movement on the street. This initial version of improved Street Lighting is controlling the light emissions of the light fixture as required by the traffic.

Since the inception of Intelligent Street Lighting, the technological evolution has been further developed:

Phase I Controlled Lighting
A static light control system, allowing instant energy savings, predominantly caused by the switch to LED
Phase II Connected Lighting
Light on demand, controlled by decentral motion sensors. Operational optimization caused by real-time monitoring and maintenance improvements
Phase III Smart Lighting
Switch from light control to light management, allowing to use the data collected at the lighting point for aggregated data analytics beyond street lighting. The street light is becoming a data hub

Smart Street Lighting

The eSave Smart Street Light is a Sensor- and Data-Hub, to be seamless integrated into the smart city strategy and network. It measures and reports relevant information like traffic volume, air quality & temperature, wind, rain-fall, people/vehicle presence and motion and/or health status of the light.

The emissions of the Lighting Point are dynamically adopted to the needs as per the predefined profile to avoid needless light pollution, as requested by the IDA.

D4i – enabling Next Generation Street Light

In 2019, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DIIA) has announced the D4i standard , standardizing the intra-luminaire DALI-2. D4i is aligned with ANSI C137.4 and compatible with NEMA/ANSI C136.41 and Zhaga Book 18.

D4i stores & reports data of the luminaire, light source and driver and provides an open communication interface. The broad support of the standard is opening a unprecedented area of possibilities in light interoperability, management and integration for the Smart City.


D4i compliant Street Lights

iFux CityStreet 1
iFux CityStreet 2
iFux CityPark 2
iFux CityPark Pole
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