Light Management

Control, configure and manage your street light infrastructure wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The cloud based solution (private or public cloud) allows you to have all vital parameters under control and respond proactively to any events occurring.

eSave Street Light Control Software

Data collected from the Mesh are getting aggregated to information about the status of the entire perimeter of control. Data can be enriched with historical data, allowing comprehensive data analytics and the identification of trends, to constantly optimize the entire system. All data are accessible by any connected devices from a rich client to a tablet or phone.

The  Control Software manages all alarms and is supporting the user in the planning of preventive as well as regular maintenance

Core Functions of the eSave Management Platform

Comprehensive Analytics

Understand the sensor data across the entire perimeter and aggregate it to information, enriched by historical data to take sound decisions for the future

Management Cockpit

All information at your fingertip – the Management Cockpit allows to drill-down from the city view to a particular mesh and sensor to get instantly the required information

GIS Integration

Data are becoming more simple to be interpreted, when visualized in a GIS context. The existing GIS platform will be enriched with the Smart Lighting Information

M&O Integration

The Maintenance & Operation is provided by the back-end system, including the track-and-trace of the onsite teams and the provision of progress data.

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