Outdoor & Sports Lighting

Putting Champions into the right light

Smart Outdoor and Sport Lighting is making a school looking good, safe and free of obstacles after sun set.

A bright, glary and shadow free light provides a natural light to spectators and visitors, allowing them to enjoy any event at the school.

Sport lights might vary from a gulf-grade, multi-purpose lighting system to a 4k-video compliant lighting system, approved for official sports events and compliant with the formal requirements of a respective sports league.

Sports Lighting – let your sports people looking good

ZOOMLUX helps you to make your Champs looking good and that your spectators aren’t missing any detail from the game. Irrespective whether you’re looking for a Sports Lighting solutions in line with international standards or for your offspring – we have a fitting solution for you!

Lumya – Inspired by Experience

Lumya Alpha Sport G6

400W … 1’000W Flood Light

Lumya Alpha Sport G5

300W … 1’200W Flood Light

Lumya Alpha Sport G4

200W … 240W Flood Light

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