Outdoor & Sports Lighting

Putting Champions into the right light

Smart Outdoor and Sport Lighting is making a school looking good, safe and free of obstacles after sun set.

A bright, glary and shadow free light provides a natural light to spectators and visitors, allowing them to enjoy any event at the school.

Sport lights might vary from a gulf-grade, multi-purpose lighting system to a 4k-video compliant lighting system, approved for official sports events and compliant with the formal requirements of a respective sports league.

Sports Lighting – meeting the various requirements

An auditorium lighting system must be designed, to flexibly accommodate multiple scenarios from presentations art performances and from welcoming new students to award celebrations. it must be built in a quality and simplicity to ensure the enjoyment also to the future generations.

Base Light

Smart designd and intelligent controlled base-, wall- and stair-lights are welcoming the guests and direct them safely to their seats

Event Light

From simple static event light to a more sophisticated show light: even light is producing remarkeable memories for the audience

Lecturing Light

if used as lecture venue, intelligent lighting supports the lecturer with pre‐set scenarios, easily controlled over touch panels

Turning auditorium ideas into reality

Zoomlux provides hassle free turn-key solutions, including:

  • base- and architectural lighting solutions, intelligent controlled
  • rugged event lighting solution, including light controls
  • design and provision of sound / media system, tighly integrated with the lighting installation

HCL@your fingertip

Zoomlux is designing and realizing Light Management Solutions based on DALI-2 standards – our Light Management Solutions are based on state-of-the-art products from Zencontrol.

Aside of simple project realization, Zencontrol provides a number of unique benefits like movement profiling, remote light management and configuration and extensive analytics.

Lumya – Inspired by Experience

Lumya Troffer

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Linea

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Flat

Direct/Indirect Tunable Linear

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