Multi-Purpose Hall

Multi-Purpose halls support a variety of uses with various light settings requirements like indoor team sports, gymnastics, social events, concerts, exams settings, etc.

The wide range of use is demanding for the light selection as well as for the light control, which can include HCL as well as show light elements. The use must be highly reliable and simple in the operation.

Zoomlux is providing tailor made solutions and serves as a turn.key partner for your intelligent, reliable, flexible but still simple Lighting System.

Scene Controlled Lighting

A Multi-Purpose Hall lighting system must be designed, to support the different applications easy but flexible. Zoomlux Lighting Control Systems are tailor-made and scenario focused, and support of the shelf the use of different standards (like DALI-2 and DMX) to provide you the best flexibility as well as a simple way to expand the system over time.

Some ideas:

Sport Events

Provide the right light, allowing your sport people to score.

A well lit, uniform high-lux light, that eases strain on eyes and allows the spectators to follow whats happening, is the call from your sports people.

Zoomlux provides a glare free and high-lux Sport Lighting setting for your Multi-Purpose Hall.

Light Workouts

Light workout session are charging the batteries and are getting you and your students ready for the day. 

A well-balanced and harmonic light, pre-programmed in your multi-purpose hall is the scene setting required. 

Exam Season

The students are nervous and tensed – it is the moment of truth and at the end also a moment where the performance of the school is getting qualified. 

Light can help to get students focused and concentrated to the exams, to achieve the best possible results.  

What are your ideas?

We’re looking forward hearing about your ideas and requierments to propose a tailor made solution

HCL@your fingertip

Zoomlux is designing and realizing Light Management Solutions based on DALI-2 standards – our Light Management Solutions are based on state-of-the-art products from Zencontrol.

Aside of simple project realization, Zencontrol provides a number of unique benefits like movement profiling, remote light management and configuration and extensive analytics.

Lumya – Inspired by Experience

Lumya Troffer

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Linea

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Galaxy DL

LED High Bay Light

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