Light has had more impact on mankind than any other element. Light at its core is a promoter of life. Without light, plants will not grow and our food chains will collapse. An absence of sunlight directly affects our health.

Light Reimagined is our portal into the future of light.

Ask yourself;

Why are we not using light more effectively, for both our health and our society?

How can we produce light in a way that will not only benefit people, but also be economical?

What can we do to control light in a more intelligent and efficient way?


Imagine safer work environments by never letting the sun set


Imagine creating a relaxing atmosphere by how we light our homes


Imagine saving money by controlling light more effectively

Light has revolutionised all aspects of modern life from medicine to communication. Light is key in enabling technologies for the future: it serves as an incubator for many innovations, from smart phones to defence systems, manufacturing processes to robotics and from medical treatments, to our quest to inhabit space. At Zoomlux we are fascinated by light and see it as more than just a bulb, fixture or LED strip.

We’re looking for new ways and technologies in producing light and want to explore how we can use and control light for the benefit of mankind. Together, let’s break through this door and discover what lies on the other side.

We invite everyone on this exploratory mission, to shape the future of light. Join us on this journey and help us ask the “Why Not” questions today, so that tomorrows answer is “We Can”.

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