Controller, Relay, Interfaces

Room Controller

IR Controller

DALI-2 4xRelay


App Ctrl AC-1

DALI-2 Switch

DALI Phase Dim


App Ctrl AC-3 Pro

Switch Pro

Somfy Blind Controller


DALI-2 Relay

DALI-2 PSU 250mA

Street Light Controller

AC and DC Version

Controller Core 100

Controller 102

Controller Gateway

USB Configurator

Wireless Components 

Wireless App Ctrl

Wireless Bridge

Wireless PIR
MultiSensor 10m

Wireless PIR
Sensor 10m

Wireless Microwave
Sensor 10m


One of the core strengths of the zencontrol light management solution is the comprehensive range of sensors, meeting any requirements of your project.


PIR MultiSensor

Microwave MultiSensor

Recessed DALI-2 PIR
5 and 8m


Recessed PIR

Internal Microwave Kit

Surface Mount PIR

Surface Mount PIR


Wall Mount PIR IP44/IP65, 12m

Wall Mount Microwave IP44/IP65, 12m

Batten Microwave IP65, 12m

Outdoor Street Light

Light Radar Sensor

PIR Sensor, Wide Angle, IP65m, 12m

Meteo Station

Pollutions Sensor

CO2 Sensor

PIR, Zhaga Sensor, IP65, 6m

Sensor Accessories

Sensor Mounting Kits

Sensor Adaptors

Commissioning Control


zencontrol provides a wide range of highly customizable DALI-2 switches for any possible application and design and rich in features and functions


Sceneset Switch

Sceneset Blind Control

Sceneset Tuneable White

DALI-2 Rotary Switch

Sceneset Dimmer

Illuminated Button

Sceneset RGB

Sceneset RGBW

Smart Drivers and Plug-Ins

Smart Driver 40W

Plug-In Smart, 5m/8m

Smart Nano+

Plug-In Smart Spot

Plug-In Emergency

Room Control

With the innovative features built into every room controller, building lighting control is easier, simpler and reduces installation risk. The below comparisons are made between zencontrol Room controller and other manufacturers DALI gateways. Times are based on the commissioning job by an agent/ engineer and not the installation by the electrician.

,Zencontrol – next Generation Light Management

The Room controller represents a significant paradigm shift within lighting control. Building upon traditional LCM and DALI Gateways, the Room controller makes a generational jump.

Full featured and controllable

Out of the box, the Room controller is designed to work, however, a commissioning agent can tailor the product to work for almost any custom requirement.

Room setup

Time taken to setup a full DALI line with 10 rooms, 2 switches / room and 2 sensors / room in absence or presence mode


Time to address and arrange a full DALI line.

1’000 Changes

Time to make 1’000 changes on a DALI line, including connecting/ getting the current value and writing value

Replace / Repair

Time to setup a single DALI fitting after failure, including adding to group and allowing switch and sensor control.

Fixed Loads? No Problem!

Every channel on the Room controller can be toggled to act as a fully compliant DALI relay. This relay can be used to control other non-DALI loads, seamlessly integrating their control with other DALI products. The Room controller will automatically detect non-DALI loads and automatically set them up associating the control to the previous channel.

Commissioning errors sorted

Issues associated with duplicate DALI addresses, which can be caused when relocating fittings, pre-addressed devices or poorly designed products are automatically fixed with zencontrol. The original device will retain its address while the newly added device will be moved to the next free location,  reducing the time spent fault finding.

Simple setup

The Room controller groups and sets up the rooms automatically, allowing the lighting, switches and sensors to work out of the box. Switches and sensors can work in absence or presence, with time outs of 10 / 15 / 25 / 30 minutes, without a commissioning agent. Throughout its entire lifespan, any additional or replaced products will also be addressed, grouped and setup automatically reducing downtime and expensive call out fees.

Automatic addressing

No more running around, zencontrol products address DALI devices automatically and is complete before you even need it. Add additional fittings at any time knowing they will be addressed and added to the system.


With the zencontrol Room controller, wiring becomes simpler and easier. Compared to traditional LCM wiring, less custom lead lengths are required making installation for the luminaire manufacturer and the installer easier. For each room simply connect all light fittings, sensors, switches and emergency lighting together and back into a single channel on the Room controller.

Wiring the Room controller could not be easier.

The zencontrol Room controller advantage

Control systems take a long time to set up and commission, the solution: zencontrol does all the hard parts. Save time, money and reduce risk with the automatic setup features in zencontrol products. Our smart controllers make light work of the tasks which burden installers.


Random addressing of luminaires

Scanning settings from luminaires, switches and sensors

Readdressing new devices

Fixing address conflict

Setup of switches and sensors

Grouping of Rooms

Syncing data changes made by the installer / users

Conservative Systems

5…10⁺ mins per 64 fittings

2…10 mins per 64 fittings

2…10 mins per 64 fittings

2⁺ mins per fitting

2⁺ mins per fitting

5…10⁺ mins per group

1…10⁺ mins dependent on text








Logical Numbering, automatic

The Room controller makes your job easier by sequentially numbering all devices found in a room, even after you add more devices. Sequential numbering makes the process of commissioning and fault finding easier.

Build to Integrate

A modern building requires many building services to be connected. zencontrol makes integration easy with several supported methods:

▪  RS232 connections
▪  Modbus over IP
▪  BACnet over IP (server)
▪  Volt free I/O (low level triggers)
▪  Cloud based API
▪  KNX over IP

Additionally, as BACnet, Modbus and KNX support is at the application controller level, no additional controller between the lighting control system and BMS is required. This reduces cost, increases speed and removes the risk of a single point failure.



Shorts can happen: the DALI ballast or drivers can short the DALI line or poor wiring or setup can lead to a DALI line short. Finding a DALI short is a timely process which can sometimes leave the lights uncontrollable for some time.

The zencontrol room controller is able to identify the room in which a short is present and isolate it from the rest of the DALI line. This significantly reduces the fault-finding time and leaves all other rooms operational.


Zencontrol has a range of sensors and adaptors covering any needs a project might have. The smart design is allowing the use of the zencontrol sensors in combination with any other DALI-2 sensors and products on one DALI-2 bus

Smart Control

With practically unlimited control, sensors can be configured to perform almost any task. Absence and presence modes are easily selectable, with fully configurable timeouts, actions and modes.



Smart sensors which connect to the DALI line directly, offering PIR, lux and colour


Use zencontrol’s mains converter to connect mains rated sensors to DALI

Built-in sensors

Connect a mains-rated sensor to any zencontrol smart driver to enable a full DALI sensor

Feature packed


zencontrol standard sensors are powered directly from the DALI bus and have inbuilt PIR, lux and colour sensors. With zencontrol technology; lux, movement and colour (including CRI) can be logged back to the Cloud to be analysed.


Any mains rated sensor can be easily connected to the DALI line with a zencontrol mains converter.
When connected, the sensor will operate as a fully compliant DALI-2 motion sensor. This flexibility makes it easy to bring in specialised sensors, such as high mounting sensors used in warehouses, long-range sensors or even dual technology sensors.


 zencontrol smart drivers and some Ektor emergency products have the added support for mains rated sensors. When a mains-rated sensor is connected to one of these devices, the product is automatically added to the DALI line as a fully compliant DALI-2 sensor, which can be used by the system.


Adding a sensor to a building is simple and easy as it only requires wiring to the closest product containing a zencontrol smart driver or Ektor emergency product.

Partition control

 When used with partition control the sensors can automatically change targets and actions.

Multiple profiles

 zencontrol supports multiple profiles, which allows the functionality of sensors to change during different periods of the day (e.g. daytime, afterhours, generator, emergency, security walkthrough, cleaners). This ability gives greater flexibility, comfort and control.


Don’t be left short with limited switching options

Unlimited control

With its practically unlimited control the switches can be configured to preform almost any task. Turn on lights, start sequences or change the operation of the building or even run a report.


Connect the zc-switch to any standard volt free push-button, matching the lighting control panels to the buildings decor.

Scene set switch plates

Use zencontrols DALI wall plates for any control action including boardroom control and scene selection

Illuminated push-buttons

Use zencontrols illuminated push-buttons in common wall plates for a tactile feel and illuminated feedback

Scene sets

Configure scene recalls from any switch to automatically configure room lighting to set the desired mood or purpose. zencontrol scenes can include dimming of lights for projector screens, DALI fan and blinds along with integration to HVAC and other building services.

Partition Control

Use the zc-switch as a logical input allowing rooms to operate differently depending on their configuration (supporting up to 5 logical inputs per room)

Configurable Panels

Configure your switch panel the way you want it, with different plate colours and button configurations.

Customisable labels

Customise button labels to suit the application, just one of the ways zencontrol makes lighting control easier. Use any of the three sizes of buttons to customise your label onto.

Rotary Control

Use the zc-switch with a rotary encoder to provide users familiar functionality and experiences

Multiple Profiles

zencontrol supports multiple profiles, which allows the functionality of switches to change during different periods of the day (daytime, afterhours, Generator, Emergency, security walkthrough, Cleaners). This ability gives greater flexibility, comfort and control.

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