Horticulture Lighting

Growing healthy plants in a industrial efficiency and in direct neighbourhood of the consumer? This is the vision and ambition of Horticulture / Urban Farming.
ZOOMLUX is your partner for high qulitative Horticulture Lighting solutions.  

Urban farming allows for increased food security in a region devoid of both arable farmland and water. The introduction of vertical farms allows for greater than 20 times the produce of conventional farming techniques for the use of 90% less water. However the balance between crop and environment conditions must be carefully controlled to achieve the commercial success of such farms. Treating a farm as a series of individual processes has proven inefficient with 9 out of 10 farms failing to be a commercial success. Therefore a holistic approach to the complete farm allows for better integration of technologies to achieve the optimum balance between yield and operational set up and running cost.


We design and integrate all aspects of a commercial urban farm. Design of racking, lighting, irrigation and ventilation along with building control systems integrate these disparate but interlinked functions to produce a modern, smart and if required fully automated farming solution. Complete farm projects can also be managed including construction and all MEP works.

  • Consultancy and design for commercial viability
  • Design and construction of main facility
  • Racking and lighting design, provision and installation
  • Consultancy for HVAC / Ventilation, provision and installation
  • Building management system design and installation
  • Urban Farming Products
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