DALI-2 – the Future of Light Management

Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that our products function as expected
to ensure a consistent experience through the systems life cycle.

Built for compliance

Zencontrol is built on the the latest versions of the DALI standard IEC62836. Full compliance with the IEC standard ensures, that connected devices function as expected and provide a consistent experience through the system life cycle.

DALI compliance is not just for zencontrol systems. With a compliant device, commissioning, set up and everyday usage is more consistent and more reliable on all DALI control systems.

Dali-2 Improvements over DALI

Provision for full compliance and operation of

  • Occupancy sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Input devices including sensors and switches
  • Control system
  • Power supplies
  • Full set of standards, test flows and test equipment and certification

DALI-2 is backwards compatibility with DALI

Advantages of DALI-2

  • Simpler wiring – one line for lighting, emergency, switches and sensors
  • Endorsed & compliant switch and sensor devices
  • Cross manufacture compatibility
  • Lower over-all costs
  • Published under IEC 62386
  • Certification of the control system component

Simplified Wiring

Conventional Wiring, consisitng of multiple parallel bus systems

Zencontrol wiring is significantly reducing complexity and is therefore simplifyfing installation as well as maintenance of your project

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