The entrance and common areas are the first things a student, parents or any other visitors are recognizing from the School.

A welcoming design, supported by high quality illumination, provides a good start into the school and to the pathways that interconnect the school facilities.

Impressing Lighting

By creating a comfortable and friendly environment, a lasting first impression to students and parents is a vivid memory right from the entrance of your school. Long school corridors are excellent spaces for the youngest children to develop their eyesight. The youngest children find it more difficult to understand distances and three-dimensional objects.

Zoomlux Lumya – the right choice for your School

Lumya products

  • are equipped with high quality optic luminaires, ensuring a glare and reflection free light over the entire lifecycle
  • are saving energy
  • are intelligent and integrate with lighting management systems for presence- and cricadian-based illumination
  • are bright, avoiding tunnel effects

HCL@your fingertip

Zoomlux is designing and realizing Light Management Solutions based on DALI-2 standards – our Light Management Solutions are based on state-of-the-art products from Zencontrol.

Aside of simple project realization, Zencontrol provides a number of unique benefits like movement profiling, remote light management and configuration and extensive analytics.

Lumya – Inspired by Experience

Lumya Troffer

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Linea

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Flat

Direct/Indirect Tunable Linear

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