Class- & Staff Rooms

Empiric research shows, that the right light is influencing the concentration of the students and is therefore directly influencing the success of the learners.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is bringing a true difference to classroom can by providing a natural, circadian driven environment.

Supporting and leading the students to their best results is a core responsibility of the school staff and teachers. Reason enough to implement provide a inspiring and creativity supporting environment.

Learning Scenes

Different everyday activities at schools require easy-to-use tunable light settings. A room with the right light temperature settings for a particular activity can immensely increase the presence of mind and therefore the effectivity of the result. This is made possible by tuning the light to different, activity driven light temperatures.


Well-balanced light color temperature that facilitates comfortable reading and an improved state of mind


Capture the audience’s attention and maintain their interest by providing them a comfortable yet involving light setting


A natural warm light feel that helps reduce strain on eyes for longer hours and carry out everyday activities/interactions


Increase productivity by focusing on tasks and assignments that require your full concentration.

HCL in Class- & Staff Room

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) or Circadian Lighting is devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and well being, leading to clear improvements influencing the learning success. The right light:

  • in the early morning hours, can help to focus students swiftly and charge up ones day.
  • improves focus and presence of mind during lessons.
  • reduces strain in eyes by studying and working at computer screens for long hours.
  • affects the circadion rythm, including alertness, attention, fatigue and general well being

HCL@your fingertip

Zoomlux is designing and realizing Light Management Solutions based on DALI-2 standards – our Light Management Solutions are based on state-of-the-art products from Zencontrol.

Aside of simple project realization, Zencontrol provides a number of unique benefits like movement profiling, remote light management and configuration and extensive analytics.

Lumya – Inspired by Experience

Lumya Troffer

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Linea

Tunable White LED Panel

Lumya Flat

Direct/Indirect Tunable Linear

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