School Canteen & Kitchen

A School Canteen is usually much more than just a eatery – it’s a place to meet friends, discuss and (learn how to) argue: simply an area where social and personality development is taking place. Isn’t it worth to put this important development into the right light? 

An important part of a good canteen is undisputed the kitchen: the food has to be prepared safe and clean, avoiding any contamination. In the interface between Kitchen and Canteen, the meals shall be presented in a benefiting light.

A school is teaching its students to achieve a level of excellence in knowledge – the school can support this ambition with an infrastructure, who is supporting this message.

Zoomlux is here to support your school on this journey.  


Design by Light

Light can help to create a comfortable and friendly environment to students as well as to parents. The Canteen, as a area where people gather and scatter, is a great opportunity to set a sign of excellence, supporting the values and quality ambitions of the School, by turning the Schools’ CI/CD into reality. Light is a flexible and rather inexpensive instrument in doing so, including the option of a dynamic lighting scene control. Talk to us to learn more!   

Served or self-service counters

Display the dishes and eatables in a favourable light, makes it looking more appetizing, which is leading to better sales. Zoomlux Lumya is using light sources with a high colour rendering index.

All Zoomlux Lumya lights are fulfilling the HACCP requirements, as well as further requirements like the Dubai Municipality Food Code, to ensure food safety and compliance with the respective regulations. 

    Safe Kitchen Operation

    Light is playing a vital role in the safe operation of the Kitchen: it protects employees from hazardous situations, discloses food items quality and supports/protects the production process. 

    All Zoomlux Lumya lights are fulfilling the HACCP and Dubai Municipality Food Code requirements and are easy maintainable.

      Lumya – Inspired by Experience

      Lumya Troffer

      Tunable White LED Panel

      Lumya Linea

      Tunable White LED Panel

      Lumya Flat

      Direct/Indirect Tunable Linear

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