Ready for wireless / IoT DALI?

Thread based wireless solutions for DALI are extending the reach of DALI in the IoT world – welcome to DALI+


zencontrol provides a unique portfolio of products, enabling open standard based, wireless DALI solutions


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Thread – built for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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with Thread, the industry wanted to build a protocol for the Internet of Things based on existing wireless technology standards. Thread is designed to be:

  • Simple to use

  • Always secure, with no single point of failure

  • Power efficientIPv6 and IEEE 802.15.4 open protocol based

  • Based on a robust mesh network

  • Support a wide variety of applications / devices

Thread and DALI?

The DALI Alliance has defined its road towards IoT in 2021 and amended the DALI-2 standard with a new DALI Book, called DALI+.

Within DALI+, Thread is a vital part, ensuring the interoperability of DALI.

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zencontrol @ the forefront of DALI+ / IoT

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since the very beginning of the DALI+ journey, zencontrol has consequently implemented Thread in its products.

Today, all new products, launched by zencontrol are Thread enabled, to make the latest technology available for projects.

Most of the products are even provided as combined wired/wireless product at no additional cost. The seamless integration of Thread provides native wireless access, without requiring any gateways or similar

zencontrol is committed to native open standard based products, avoiding any proprietary protocols or technologies to ensure the interoperability with any other DALI certified products

Please find below a selection of zencontrol wireless products

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