Zencontrol 4 Channel Relay Controller

A new dimension of relay functionality is becoming reality with the zencontrol DALI-2 4 channel relay.

Communicate wired or wireless, supporting large electrical loads, built in 0-10V and SELV support, sensor expansions are just a few of the function.

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The basics first:
4 DALI-2 compatible relay outputs

  • High inrush current rating to support large loads (492A / 1.5mS)

  • Relay test button built in

  • LED indicators allow easy identification of relay

  • Ability to toggle and override the relay state of the device

  • Easy one touch commissioning modes on zencontrol application controllers

  • Up to 4sqmm wire supported

  • Protected against DALI over voltage

0-10V control? Built-In!

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  • 8 dedicated 1-10V interfaces provide full support for DALI device type 5 according
    to IEC62386-104

  • Each interface appears as a standard DALI device type and can be controlled as a DALI device

  • Combine DALI and analogue devices for easy control

  • Full dimming control over analogue devices

  • Configure each output separately in any of the three supported output modes: 0-10V / 1-10V / 0-10V with combined relay

Up to 8 SELV Inputs

The SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) inputs allow for third-party devices like fire panels, security systems, building management systems or products to connect as inputs / triggers into DALI-2 systems.

Configurable inputs can be changed between different DALI-2 device types:

    • Push button instances (IEC62386-301)

    • Absolute 2-bit instances (IEC62386-302)

    • Sensor instances (IEC62386-303)

  • Ideal for interfacing to fires, alarms or central battery systems

  • Unused devices can be disabled to avoid DALI-2 address shortage

  • Only one ECD address is required for up to 8 instances

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SELV 3rd party Sensor Integration

Easy expansion and addition of special sensor types like:

  • Float switches

  • Third party motion and movement sensors

  • Reed switches

  • Retroflective sensors

  • People counters

  • etc


DALI-2 – Wired, Wireless or Hybrid?

The zencontrol 4channel Relay Controller supports wired and wireless DALI-2 and can even act as a wireless bridge in Hybrid installations.

zencontrol allows to seamless integrate wired and wireless DALI-2, allowing solutions with no compromises.

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Want to start standalone?

The Relay Controller supports zencontrol standalone mode: connect the Relay Controller wired or wireless with other standalone gear (sensors, switches) and straight start controlling your DALI-2 lights. The Relay Controller can act as a wired/wireless bridge. Easy as this? YES!


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