Light Middle East 2021

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Last week, the Light Middle East (LME) Exhibition 2021 was taking place in Dubai.

Zencontrol – exclusively represented in the Middle East and Sri Lanka by Zoomlux Lighting – was presenting the DALI-2 journey,  from traditional Lighting Controls to IoT based controls. The recent announcement fo the Dali Alliance regading the upcoming DALI+ extensions of the DALI Standard are unleashig a new dimension in Lighting Control: the DALI Alliance says, “DALI+ extends choice, flexibility and creative freedom for lighting designers and specifiers by supporting the development of wired, wireless and IP-based systems, using DALI throughout.”

The unrivaled Zencontrol solutions and product portfolio is already tuned towards DALI+ and Zencontrol is comitted to launch a full spectrum of DALI+ products over the next several months.

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