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City Lighting has gone through major developments over the last few years. What has been called a street light is nowadays data and sensor hub, tightly integrated with other parts of the  smart city infrastructure. What has been a simple, energy consuming light producing cost element (=a street light pole), has become a revenue generator and sensor hub as well as design element for the city.   


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Smart City Control Infrastructure

A core challenge in building such an infrastructure, is about how to interact with it. In the past, many of such infrastructures were controlled by using proprietary or semi-proprietary control systems, requiring substantial communication technologies investments and avoiding a standard-based interaction of best-of-breed technologies. The cities were bound to very few or even single provider solutions

The fast growth of IoT based standards is enabling cost-efficient and technology sound integration of Smart Street Lights. In particular the D4i extension of the popular DALI-2 standard has been the launching pad for a new range of possibilities and products.

What is D4i?

In short, D4i is the DALI standard extension, for IoT-ready luminaires. D4i drivers have a mandatory set of features related to power-supply requirements and smart-data capabilities. D4i luminaires are enabled to gather data from on-board and connected sensors, and provide data of the light – like performance, asset status, etc. – allowing preventive maintenance or other tasks. The D4i drivers is supporting different wired or wireless communication standards, providing the best flexibility for projects.

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D4i Benefits 

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IoT enabled

Enter the IoT age with a open standard based infrastructure, allowing vendor neutral integration

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Future proof

Say good bye to expensive proprietary system and welcome a system, enabling a simple future upgrade or change – vendor neutral 

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Free up your OPEX bound financial resources, and invest in true innovation, providing mesaurable benefits for the city 

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Keep your streetlight under control – anywhere, anytime

Get all the data from your light, at any time and from any point of the grid. It allows a precise control based on real-time data from the LED drivers and lamps, and enables precise control, metering and preventive maintenance

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Sense the world out there 

Know whats going on in the city. Specialized, embedded sensors allow to sense motion, noise, meteo, vibration, pollution. The collected data support the decision making and help to build a more liveable city 

Zoomlux Offering

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