In todays world, systems are interacting seemless to provide data as basis for a information aggregation, supportng meaningful and on-time decision making.  zencontrol DALI-2 solutions designed to provide simple, but solid integration across technology standards, using open standards  

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BACnet – built in & fast

zencontrol provides BACnet integration – to control HVAC’s / Sound systems / etc – in real time, out of the box and without additional hardware needs.

The distributed design of zencontrol reduces risks associated with Single Point Failure, increasing the reliability of the site.

Zencontrol has realized a project with up to 1.2Mio BACnet points, communicating in real-time

Be informed 

Get the real-time status of your installation (lamps, device and emergency failures, etc.) to any device (mobile / tablet / computer)

Override the control system tasks of any devices or recall scenes. Control the occupancy state of rooms, allowing for the activation of air-conditioning and more

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zencontrol BACnet Power Interface

Receive DT51 data from any DALI-2 compliant devices, including power data per DALI-2 device / COV notification / Manufacturers device ID / etc.
The zencontrol Cloud APIs is supporting your project with pre-formatted BACnet datasets to simplify the setup.

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Zoomlux Lighting is the exclusive Gold Partner of zencontrol for the Middle East and Sri Lanka

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